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Joe's Showreel

The Joe must go on

Episode 1. Coldplay Vs Cottage Cheese

TXFM listener Paige sent us the following text: 
"Joe, Coldplay are the aural equivalent of that watery horrible stuff you find on top of your newly opened cottage cheese. No thanks, and no good for anything except pouring down the drain." So, TX Drive presenter Joe Donnelly put it to the test. What are the results?

Episode 2. Electric Picnic Predictions

Joe looks back n his Electric Picnic predictions.


This week Joe replies to a text from TX listener Greg thus proving Joe is always right. 

Episode 3. George Martin

Fast becoming your favourite weekly video the internet has to offer - fact, we know - this week on The Joe Must Go On, a listener proves Joe was wrong thus making him look like "a right eejit."

Episode 4. Blossoms - Let's Get Lyrical

This week on The Joe Must Go On - a TXFM listener, who isn't too happy about Blossoms being called the next big thing, got in touch to point out their dislike for their lyrics. 

So Joe decided to hone in on that point.... let's get lyrical. 

Episode 5. Is Kurt Cobain Still Alive?

This week, Joe responds to theories that Nirvana's Kurt Cobain is alive. 

When Katie text TXFM Drive about an article on the Daily Mail that suggests Kurt Cobain is alive, there was only one thing Joe had to say... 

Episode 6.


On this episode of The Joe Must Go On, Joe finally opens up about his fruitful friendship with Hozier. 

And he reminisces about that day, that day they became JOZIER.

Episode 7. Feile Festival 1992

On this episode, Joe receives a letter, from Darren, yes a letter than was handwritten, stamped and posted directly to our front door, who has a predicted for who will headline next years Feile Festival (1992)

Episode 8. Forget Yeezys...

Don't believe the hype around Kanye West's Yeezys... here's why!

Episode 9. Cooking with Joe

Shelly was in touch with Joe to tell him that she discovered Keith Richards is a fan of shepherd’s pie and even has his own unique shepherd’s pie recipe.

Our Joe is a wizard in the kitchen, some even call him Dicer Donnelly, and he kindly shares this Keith-Richards-Shepards-Pie-Recipe secrets with the TX listeners.

Episode 10. You Keep Listening

HBO have been in touch, Netflix have put in an offer, reviewers have introduced a 6 star review and critics are already in waiting in anticipation for series two. 

As this series comes to an end Joe offers some advice to a listener, who is a little late to the party. 

Random: Joe drives bride to wedding

Eleanor, who had a dream of driving to her wedding in a campervan, asked Joe if any of the TX listeners knew where she could rent a VW campervan for her big day.


Since we have our own TXFM branded campervan, Joe offered the bride-to-be our wheels. But then went one step further and offered to drive her to the wedding, himself! 

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