Joe Donnelly talks to Santigold about her new album 99 Cents.

Cormac Brady

Joe Donnelly interviews Cormac Brady from Super Extra Bonus Party. Winners of the 2007 Choice Music Prize, their story is an interesting one. They're now back in the studio working on new material. 

Guy Garvey

Joe Donnelly speaks to Elbow's Guy Garvey about his new solo album 'Courting The Squall'.

Huey Morgan

Joe Donnelly interviews Huey from the Fun Lovin Criminals on the story of making their debut album Come Find Yourself.


Joe Donnelly of TXFM Drive spoke to Hozier ahead of his Friday night headline show at Longitude in Dublin.

Kelly Jones

Joe Donnelly speaks to Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics ahead of the release of the bands ninth album Keep The Village Alive.


I spoke to Johnny about the release of his new live album, and we also talked about the Kildare county final.

Album Anniversaries Series Txfm 


What's the Story...

Producer Owen Morris discusses the making of What's The Story Morning Glory for Joe's Album Anniversaries series on TXFM Drive.


The Bends

Producer John Leckie talks to Joe about making Radiohead's The Bends for the Album Anniversaries series on TXFM Drive.


Different Class

Producer Chris Thomas talks to Joe about the making of Pulp's Different Class for Album Anniversaries on TXFM Drive.

Foo fighters

Debut Album

Producer Barrett Jones talks to Joe about the making of the Foo Fighters debut for the series Album Anniversaries on TXFM Drive.